Inkbox Review- The Best Temporary Tattos

Temporary tattoos have become famous in recent years due to the negative effects that might occur in getting a permanent tattoo. Also, permanent tattoos are long, expensive, and painful. A lot of young adults seemed to be drawn to the trend of temporary tattoos, which don’t require any real “tattoo” commitment. Temporary tattoos are painless, less expensive, and simple to remove.

The ultimate leader of the craze has emerged as a specific temporary tattoo company. The current market leader in temporary tattoos, Inkbox has built up a strong following and audience all over the world. We’re happy about their rapid rise to fame due to their accessibility and high-caliber service. Let’s see how it works and share our review on this tattoo brand.

About Inkbox

Since 2015, Inkbox has been passionately manufacturing semi-permanent tattoos and accessories from the center of downtown Toronto. With many modern accessories that last 1-2 weeks, millions of people from 190 countries have gotten tattooed with over ten thousand+ artist-created designs,  freehand tattoo Marker, and custom platforms. Inkbox became well-known overnight thanks to its unique approach to temporary tattoos, garnering acclaim and recommendations from all over the place, including Forbes, Vice, and MTV.

The business also participates in the Darién Initiative, an effort to support the indigenous population in Panama’s Darién Gap. By providing locals with agricultural tools to cultivate and sell goods, the project seeks to establish a local market inside the neighborhood. Additionally, Inkbox routinely contributes to relief efforts for victims of natural disasters and has created a Town Center where kids can engage in activities.

How It Works

They created a cruelty-free technology called  InkTM,  that lasts on your skin for one to two weeks before fading as your skin regenerates on its own. Therefore, you receive extremely lifelike, non-committal tattoos that are simple to apply (and easy-to-get-hooked-on).

Inkbox works differently than most temporary tattoos because it absorbs into your skin rather than sticking out. Only a few simple steps are needed to apply our tattoos, which are very painless. Upon application, the ink interacts with the collagen and proteins in your skin to darken over the course of 24-36 hours.

They provide custom-designed tattoos, tattoos produced in association with other tattoo artists, artists, and even well-known YouTubers. Additionally, there are alternatives for freehand ink, tattoo designs that are for sale, and general descriptions of each deal.

Let’s assume that you choose a design. Simply choose it, look at the size and number options, then read the description to determine whether it matches your needs. Then just put it in your cart and pay. Your Inkbox tattoo could take anything from a few days to a few weeks to complete, depending on your location and the current COVID shipping limitations (shipping is the fastest in the North American region).

Here are the four simple steps to apply an Inkbox tattoo

  1. Using the Primer Wipe, rub the area you wish to place your tattoo for 30 seconds. Let dry completely.
  2. Peel off the tattoo backing and place sticky-side-down on the desired area. Once laid down, remove the border and smooth out.
  3. After one full hour, completely pull the tattoo off the skin. Depending on your skin type, a tattoo turns dark blue or black within 24 hours!
  4. Avoid sweating or taking a shower for six hours for optimal benefits. Be sure to hydrate, moisturize, and, of course, flaunt!

It needs time to develop if it doesn’t appear as pigmented right away. If you don’t pick, itch, scrub, or expose the tattoo to friction, you can anticipate it to endure up to two weeks.

Freehand Ink Application

  1. Slide the picture under the transfer paper while holding a reference piece.
  2. Draw a pencil outline of the image; the darker, the better.
  3. Take a different paper towel and wet it with some water.
  4. Prepare the area where you want to place the tattoo by dampening it.
  5. Apply even pressure to your skin as you place the transfer paper there.
  6. Once the transfer paper is slowly removed, the image should be seen on your skin.
  7. Trace the contours of the image with the ink bottle as you squeeze and apply it.
  8. After one hour, carefully wash the area with soap and water after letting the ink dry.
  9. To extend the tattoo’s durability, make sure to hydrate and pat the area dry.

How Much Does Inkbox Tattoo Cost?

The cost is one of the primary draws of temporary and semi-permanent tattoos. Temporary tattoos are extremely cost-effective when compared to permanent tattoos, which can run into hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So what is the price of an Inkbox tattoo? Here is a general breakdown of what to anticipate paying;

  • Inkbox Catalog tattoos – between $12-$20
  • 0.5oz Freehand Ink – $20
  • 1oz Freehand Ink – $30
  • Freehand Pro Kit – $55

Are Inkbox Tattoos Safe?

It is absolutely safe. I understand that using ink to dye your skin may cause some anxiety, but Inkbox tattoos have been shown to be secure. All other components of the product, which are manufactured entirely of natural ingredients, have FDA approval. You can relax knowing that the application procedure is risk-free and that no harsh chemicals exist.

Inkbox Deals

Inkbox is currently offering 35% discounts on some of their most popular tattoos. We think you’re gonna like ’em!

Hearts and Minds

UK-based illustrator and artist Nic Squirrell created this lovely wraparound painting (nicsquirrell). Just so you know, this tattoo is one of their newest and largest! But act quickly because it’s only available while supplies last.

Buy this on Inkbox for $15 USD $23 USD (35% Off).


UK-based illustrator and artist Nic Squirrell created this fantastic wraparound painting (nicsquirrell).

Buy this on Inkbox for $15 USD $23 USD (35% Off).

Night Queen

Elvyra Konte, an illustrator and tattooist from Lithuania, created this ethereal, angelic-looking woman. Just so you know, this tattoo is one of our newest and largest! But act quickly because it’s only available while supplies last!

Buy this on Inkbox for $15 USD $23 USD (35% Off).

Double Dutch

The spring season is inextricably linked to tulips. You can predict the arrival of warm weather when this blossom starts to bloom. In addition to being a symbol of spring, the well-known plant also connotes exterior love and passion.

Buy this on Inkbox for $15 USD $23 USD (35% Off).


After reviewing Inkbox, We think the designs of Inkbox tattoos were fantastic. Getting a tattoo from Inkbox is the best option if you’re seeking an alternative to permanent tattoos. These ink jobs are so much fun. They are ideal for those who want to try something different but don’t want to deal with getting a genuine tattoo. You’ll feel good about yourself and enjoy the novelty of the Inkbox tattoos. You might even be inspired to alter your aesthetic preferences by them. We could all use some fun in the midst of this terrible pandemic, and with Inkbox, you can have that.

Written by Radhika Agrawal