Athleisure Is The New Fashion

Athleisure fashion is characterized as comforting modern sportswear clothing which has noticed a significant increase for its greater convenience and functionality in the past few years. Unlike the traditional ways of wearing sportswear solely in the gyms, it is now being worn on the public streets and fashion stores. With the growing westernization, young adults and health-conscious consumers have increasingly drawn their attention towards the clothing, which is cozy, relaxing and yet very stylish, all incorporated in one. Considering the present framework, sportswear is the fastest-growing segment in fashion with the best innovations and performance-enhancing garments. With its connection to health and wellness, buyers today seek an active yet fashionable lifestyle that comes with ease of wearing on multiple occasions without having to change. However, there’s an endless list that includes typical sporty outfits, exclusive tracksuits, youth specified sportswear, fitness clothing, performance outfits, etc.

Sporty outfits and exclusive tracksuits are the clothes you choose to wear when you have to give a huge impact on your performance. These outfits mainly include sleeveless leotards, shorts mostly paired with long pants. Women also wear tight fitted t-shirts and tank tops, running shirts and shorts that fit comfortably above the knees. Whereas, tracksuits are designed consisting of a pair of two pieces- trousers paired with jackets. These are generally fabricated synthetically to provide breathability and sweat-wicking function in the outfit.

While moving on to fitness clothing and youth specified sportswear, they are a similar version which usually includes clothing primarily worn for physical exercises like swimsuits, yoga pants, tank tops, leggings, jogger and pants, Capri and shorts, jackets and vets, basically gym specified attire, which is the sport useful garments. These outfits typically consist of polo T-shirts with shorts, crop tops, jockstraps, and sports bra, with sports shoes and pants.

Written by Radhika Agrawal