Jean Jackets That Are Worth Investing On Now And To Wear Year Around

A denim jacket is a tried-and – tested classic that enjoys its new balance in the wardrobe for everyone. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve got a revolving range of models hanging in my wardrobe, from a styled trucker to a gloomy-acid wash to an exaggerated light-wash — the list continues. That item is a jean-jacket. The only one so flexible that as the climates shift it won’t get packed away and will adjust to coming styles as the style changes. Throw an accented with blue-wash over your arms on a summer evening to fend off the booming A / C, layer your favourite knits in an bulky loose-fitting coat for an instantly casual fall theme, or opt with a contrasting colour with vivid jeans and matching trousers. Though your vintage look may not be as famous as Britney and Justin around 2001, glance below at our most other-time favorite jean jackets — a few of these choices will likely be your absolute favourite ever.

1. H&M DENIM JACKET- this will be your all-time favourite

What a stud!! This jacket is obviously the nice one in the party. Throw it over a flower dress and put on a nice look otherwise. A denim jacket made from washed silk cotton.

Available at H&M store for $29.99

2. GIRLFRIEND DENIM JACKET – A definite statement maker

Everyone needs a chic jean jacket and it’s the Girlfriend Denim Jacket. An authentic retro style, this jacket is cut loosely to a base. It is crafted out of durable denim to stand the time test. Single wear gets better.

Available at Macy’s store for $39.99

3. DOLMAN DENIM JACKET- A chic worthy

Don’t get over it. It’s exactly what your closet called for on a Saturday morning coffee stroll, to lay your jacket over your trusty denim.

Available at GAP store for $58.00

4. DENIM SINGLE BREASTED UTILITY JACKET- An evergreen shade to your wardrobe

Plug into the power pattern with this woodworker-inspired jacket. It is made from pure cotton denim. It has a simple style with three patch pockets and contrasting stitching. The Fastenings are paired with collared neck and a shiny ring. All the cotton for our garments is, and will always be, sustainably sourced.

Available at Marks and spencers store for $19.27

5. BLUE BLACK DENIM TRUCKER JACKET- A perfect party bomber

A new version of vintage style featuring unique suit wash and branding of the original monogram. Take your favourite summer jeans for a baggy-but-still-intact look, and pair it with a cropped denim trucker jacket to split the weight.

Available at Calvin Klein store for $148


Supple leather biker jacket with a trucker vest overlay. The vest is cut from treated double denim that has the top layer ripped and lightly frayed at the hem. The rear patch combines Diesel slogans with a wolf baring its teeth.

Available at Diesel store

7. ACID WASH DENIM JACKET- It gives an edge to any look

Keep it easy with white tee that is timeless. If the winter-to-spring change sounds like a drag, you’ll have this chic denim to look forward to — always.

Available at Zara store for $69.90

8. EVERLANE DENIM JACKET- When you need an affordable one

One of the best denim jacket styles for your day time parties. It is crafted with a comfortable, comfortable style; the ours is made of a durable Japanese fabric that is cloth-washed for a one-of-a-kind look — which only gets better over time.

Available at Nordstrom store for $33


The Free People Night after Night Light Wash Rhinestone Oversized Denim Jacket is the secret to crushing the game in style! It’s adorned in silver settings with sparkling rhinestones as it forms this glam take on your favourite jean jacket.

Available at Lulu’s store for $198

10. WOMEN’S LEVIS EX-BOYFRIEND DENIM JACKET- To pull up your cool look

Give a chic edge to any outfit with the boyfriend denim jacket from this women’s Levi. The trick of looking off-the-shoulder effortless? Make up one button at the bottom of a denim boxy jacket and leave the rest free to show off your floral summer dresses.

Available at Kohl’s store for $79.50

11. THE OVERSIZED TRUCKER JEAN JACKET IN THE AKENSIDE WASH- Just when you need a break from a black jacket

Coolly oversized, this jean jacket in the trucker theme has a vintage feel that is never going to go out of style. Made of 100 percent cotton denim, it has chic features for your phone with origins in the ’60s such as genuine top-stitching and an inside pocket.

Available at Madwell store for $151.40

Written by Radhika Agrawal