This summer will be unparalleled in history. Historically, we’d be loading cars from continent to continent to head for mountains and forests or striking the beach, but with COVID-19 and people who are socially distant, they indulge near home. Celebrities are wearing extensions near home, influencers become stylish and adventurous, and everyone else takes the chance to showcase simple, attractive and graceful hairstyles. Wanna know the patterns in prevailing hair? The mid-length cut, blunt-yet-textured ends, and smooth, polished Cher head! Explore below some of those trends that customers will be looking for…


The 1970s and 1980s vintage hairstyles are seasonal and we’ve seen a revisit of those trends every year. With the mile-long hair, Cher exemplifies bold masculinity of all symbols, and advanced celebrities regularly reflect her look. A soft, oblong and beautiful-looking wave is the cornerstone to the appearance. It’s all about dazzling polish in this design, so frizz coilovers with a warm protecting and some clever heat tools are crucial to having those waves.

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For more than two decades, the lob was one of the best-loved hairstyles of the season. What’s fresh in the year 2020? Texture-so more! This upgraded version combines a powerful perimeter with plenty of loose curls attached in for drama & element to accomplish the blunt shine. This appears and tells, seen on Nina Dobrev & Selena Gomez, what makes this look amazing is that it brings fantastic, heavy attention to the drama. Photographed on Nina Dobrev & Selena Gomez, this appears and tells what makes the appearance wonderful is that it provides the face, neck and shoulders a fantastic, clear emphasis. The biggest key is getting the volume (thanks to extensions!) to make it work.

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The typical mid-length cut could be more “ho-hum” than “cool” so incorporating a few extra touches to create excitement and suspense is the secret to having it pop. Just insert long, LONG AND LOOSE curls and maintain the length just well beyond the collarbone, only draping to erase weight as necessary. For the client who wants a distinct shift without sacrificing too much size, this option is ideal. For fine to medium weight hair, opt for less layering as a general rule; more for heavier and curly hair. Bonus on this? Pair various shades of enhancements to create a dimensionally balaying appearance.

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Written by Radhika Agrawal