The Top Collections of Paris Fashion Week 2021

One of the most popular occasions of the style schedule, Paris Fashion Week is an absolute projection of extravagance and amusement. The tradition dates back to 1858 when the father of Haute Couture, Charles Frederick Worth, exhibited his unique clothing compositions, by displaying them on live ladies and devising the part of a model. However, it was 1973 that saw the first launch of the basic formal Paris Fashion Week. From showcasing French fashion seasonal collections to having runway filled with creatively designed ready-to-wear outfits, the week’s beauty remains elegantly unsophisticated.

Dries Van Noten projected the 70’s and 80’s party glamour wardrobe with the girls out to be noticed in rich, eclectic and shimmering sequins. The display was a scrumptious gathering of textures that appeared to be tossed indifferently together, yet remarkably constructed. The show commenced with a pop Hawaiian print which grew gloomy with extravagant designs, shading, surfaces, sequins, and quills. With a check biker coat worn with a mustard thick cardigan over a red and dark quill skirt, all of them were designed with exclusive and prominent monochrome looks.

Maison Margiela, which included the gestures and regalia associated with Parisian culture, were the motivations behind this assortment. The stylists in this category are known for anatomizing and deconstructing the antique pieces like a coat, pussy-bow shirt or cultured dress were all redesigned. Beginning with outerwear, there was a coat stripped down to a neckline and bulky proportioned coats, demonstrating a single bright sleeve or a bow-neck neckline. The new Recicla Mark outfits incorporated constrained version vintage pieces of clothing or adornments handpicked by Galliano.

The outfit framework on display at a Loewe show blew everyone’s mind since the fabrics were garnered from Kyoto in Japan, and the detail on the outfits included porcelain ceramics. Dresses played a combination of various outline and textures, swelled sleeves, raised neck areas and sculptural collars and came in fleece, brocades, strong pieces of cotton and jacquard silks. Weaved dresses with extended sleeves seemed to have been plunged in beading, coats offered sensational greatness in volume and creation while fitting fitted the structure with a peplum midriff.

Written by Radhika Agrawal