11 Face Mask Chains That’ll Easily Brighten Up Your Face Coverings

We chronicled the emergence of the sunglasses linkages last season, indicating that the eyewear outers had compromised their fratty roots and strengthened as cool costume dialects. A year later, and these bracelet-like Croakies are still trendy, but rather than satisfying your sunglasses as a realistic leash, they ‘re now being used to spice up face masks.

These double-purpose racks (they offer a chic substitute to dipping glasses into a top’s neckline) quickly connect to your face mask clasps and offer better aesthetically pleasing raise to an otherwise sterilised look with brightly colored beads and pearls. We always guarantee that your mask is still with you and does not get trapped in the depths of your handbag as you take it off to experience the outdoors meals.

Shop below a range of mask chains that go along with those blue disposable masks or the more trendy and eco conscious, recycled fabrics (buy our favorites here). Keep healthy and carry facial protection still!

1. With our revamped WHBM Reversible MASK necklace, Beauty meets purpose. Transform this revolutionary pattern into a piece of jewelry and wear it as a bracelet. Only tie the chain to the ear loops of your preferred face covering and hold your newest necessities within reach at all times.

Buy this necklace from White House Black Market for $15

2. Gold plated link chain clasps into the ear loops of your mask and across your waist. Utilitarian and elegant, Link Mask Chain in Gold is specially crafted so that when you decide to take it off; you can place your mask around your neck but don’t want to put it away.

Buy this from Lady Grey Jewellery for $120

3. With this must-have FACE MASK HOLDER-TORTOISE hold your mask near and secure. Never forget this fashionable attachment, or lose your mask. This lightweight, acrylic chain is a must with COVID-19 as we navigate the new normal.

Buy this from  Juleskae.com for $16

4. This trendy NIKKI MINI FACE MASK CHAIN STRAP can be used as a face mask strap holder, camera band, lanyard, and bracelet and can transform it into a wristle holder with an opening, from your water bottle to your flip flops.

Buy this from Shop Pretty Connected for $30

5. HEART MASK & MASK CHAIN comprises of cotton knit top layer and padding, the middle layer is a melt-blown non-woven cloth. This segment is washable. Growing mask comprises 1 filter that can be placed into the inside of the lining pocket. Elastic band with customizable chord lock for improved alignment.

Buy this mask from Kippot World for $47

6. We reinvented our iconic pearls as a sunglass or mask line. PEARL SUNGLASS CHAIN is constructed of 8 mm ivory resin pearls and 26 “hand strung, this iconic chain comes with golden lobster clasps at either end with a detachable golden hook suitable for Lele Sadoughi sunglasses, a detachable, translucent rubber loop for connecting either pair of glasses.

Buy this from Lelesadoughi for $75

7. This Eliou sunglasses chain is a playful complement to your summer looks, featuring a beach-inspired mix of bright beads, cultured pearls and cowrie shell highlights.

Buy this from Shopbop for $126

8. WE ARE ICONIC’s exclusive range and one-of-a-kind items represent the current trends in items such as SASKIA DIEZ MASK WITH CHAIN-WHITE with a detachable chain to add to your face mask, which you can wear for years to come when blending designer apparel from independent brands to more well-known designers.

Buy this mask from Garmentory for $85

9. Attach to your set one of our statement Link Chain, whether you are doing anything special to your Neon Hope sunglasses or other sunglasses or eyeglasses. They’re designed a little longer than usual and you can even use them to wear your cross-body frames. It also doubles up as a choker; necklace or layered bracelet-there is no limit to the options.

Buy this chain from Wolf and Badger for $50

10. Be hands-free as you avoid shielding your ears! For these you are never going to find the masking behind. This Retro Italian Lucite Face Mask Chain-Limited Edition looks cute and even slung like a crossbody bag around your waist! It even ships hook-ups with sunglass adapter and you can use it with your sunny ones too! Multi-purpose, multifunctional, multi-aspect.

Buy this from Shopdanae for $85

11. This latest beaded mask chain is multifunctional and can be used as a mask belt, a keychain, or a chain of sunglasses; it’s you who chose how best to do this. The item SANTRA BEADED MASK CHAIN includes natural Citrine quartz. We have selected every stone for its distinct properties and significances. Citrine may remove harmful emotions and behaviors which are detrimental.

Buy this from Lady Grey Jewellery for $65

Written by Radhika Agrawal