Top 10 Smokey Eyes Look

Eye makeup isn’t new but the secret to an impressive eye look includes both art and science. From possessing the right techniques to create knowledge to design the curves around the eyes, all mixing and matching are required when it comes to a signature makeup look. There are not many popular eye makeup looks than the smokey eye, but it is one of those bold and sharp looks that scream sultriness and would look ideal for any nighttime parties.

1. Charming smokey eyes for your night party to acquire the attention from all the handsome guys and gorgeous ladies in the house

For a soft and smooth face, soft brown smokey eyes pressed together with timid, fervent and gentle shadows with light winged eyeliner can be a real party attention seeker. Someone to not shy away and with a gullible personality can top up this eye look with no heavy makeup.

2. Embrace your inner rock star with a smoking hot smoky eye look that is ready to slay the party with the more intimidating and versatile getup

One can never go wrong with a perfect classic smoky eye, offering an attractive mix of matte and shimmery shades. It continues to be the hottest eye shadow look serving an advanced eye makeup trend and depicting a strong personality with no surprises.

3. A smoky eye with a blend of colourful glitters is a perfect choice for a glamorous party makeup to offer mystique and glam well paired with night time look.

This entire metallic eye shadow look has become a staple. Shining metallic shades are an ideal pack for an effortlessly sizzling look with a blend of several smoky effects. An exclusively bold and daring representation of eye makeup to flatter your eyes with an amazing tender look is the go-to design for the night parties.

4. A sunset eye makeup look that makes your eyes stand out with a perfect blend of artistic and natural work of art to top up the sunset prime example

To reflect upon the impressive sights of shadows, a sunset eye looks with a charming mix of soft brown, coral, purple and golden eye shadows to feature gorgeous warmth to the eyes and lift it for an all-time favourite and stunning eye makeup look.

5. Take your love for eye makeup to advanced heights by exploring the new highlighter eye makeup as the real crowd-pleaser with an edgy and fashion ramp vibe

A real crowd-pleaser look featuring richly fragmented colourful eye shadows in form of highlighter hues. Create a soft-focus effect by picking the new neon fashion shades of yellow, pink and fluorescent green to shape an ultra-precise arch over your eyes.

6. Pull off the amazing trendy Pumpkin orange eye shadow look to greatly lift the natural beauty with spice-inspired vibrant shades

One of the latest makeup trends with a perfect blend of pumpkin spice featuring rich orange eye shadow and dragging it up towards till the eyebrows. Applying the highlight towards the inner corner and putting the same shadow beneath the precise arch of your eye shadow to showcase the eye-opening effect

7. Only the Feline eye makeup look with the cat appealing eye textures with dramatic shades to give an intense finish touch

An easy blend of rich shades of blue eye shadow and sharp black wings to bring out the precise and even-toned complexion, this look is always alluring to create a Cat eye-shaped liner beneath your undeniably blue lush eye look.

8. Channel your inner princess with the help of ultimate Ombre Eye shadow look to offer a lived-in effect with flowery shades and playful look

A gradual blend of lighter tints and purple and hot pink shades of eye shadow using neutral tones and bronzes to create the ombre effect is used for an exclusive multi-coloured shining look. Begin from prepping your lids with an eye shadow primer and choosing a deep shade for the base colour.

9. Cake up your coloured mascara look to be the direct sunlight and constant whisper of the party

Unlike the pale pink or purple prose, give extra attention to your cult-favourite vibrant mascara in royal blue shade with a glittery texture. One of the pleasantly soft and understated shades of blue to reach out for a truly flattering look is double-coated with two original washable bold colours including green and burgundy to look insanely bright and noticeable in the party.

10. Pop up your look with the captivating fluorescent eyes to painting the creativity statement applied in the cut crease form

A chick way to advance your standard is by painting a bold eye makeup with the fluorescent crease and stretching an amazing arch across the crease with soothing fluorescent eye shades. This is a smooth blend of fluorescent green paired with vivid hue to give a neutral and stunning statement eye look.

Written by Radhika Agrawal