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About the company

Perfume is among the important factors in holding unwanted body odors at bay and maintaining a new scent all day long. It symbolizes love and a passion for beauty. Ok, customers really think about the smell and choose to purchase the right stuff that will last more than a day. This is seen as one of the reasons why buyers are opting for advertised perfume at a lower price which enhances the standard of their lifestyle.

Scent Split is among the top locations for both women and men to find freshly-decanted fragrance specimens & the world’s largest exclusive scents. Their items are primarily rinsed from Creed, Tom Ford, Le Labo, Nasomatto, Armani, Roja, Serge Lutens & several more small fragrances. Intriguingly, they help you figure out any perfume before you decide to buy their goods.

Speaking of the quality of life one always expects to get the standard product at a affordable price and that is one of Scent Split’s core values. Scent Split is around here to give an appealing, deep, elite, sensual stench and is thought to be a prepared and unique product. The company provides authentic, pure and undiluted fragrances of 100 per cent. Scent divided product ratings help customer know more about the product and motivates the consumers to purchase the best ones among them.


Why should you buy from Scent split?

Scent Split features a wide range of products that bring out all the potent, alluring combination. These scents only don’t offer the best odor but are also linked to architecture, fashion, and culture. Things were created to honor the city, locations, etc. The website is specialized in providing pieces and decants of an outstanding array of fragrances.

The perfume stays fresh for 6 to 7 hours, and its fragrance & scent is too strong in comparison with other labels. The long-lasting fragrance has been produced from organic or synthetic sources. The goods are reliable and have achieved tremendous popularity around the globe. Perfume oil draws in more organic ingredients that smell distinctive and are intended for men and women alike.

The fragrance is a glamourous, opulent and enigmatic one. The item is new, tasty, clean, advanced & fascinating with the sweet flavor of bergamot, lemon, neroli and lemon. The service offer free delivery and exchanges with orders above $70 on the drug. It also promises validity at 100 percent and offers free foreign delivery with orders above $150.

Being real, original and hand-decanted, it will not guarantee that the product returns, so if the container is damaged or stolen one can send the picture via mail, you can get a substitute box for the loss. Scent Split’s best aspect is it provides outstanding customer support and helps us with all product details.

Best Selling products

Dropping with a broad range of excellent fragrance, Perfume Split often features one of the popular trendiest items in its inventory. These items are: Aventus, Tobacco Candy, Tuscan Cloth, Reflective Guy, Oud Wood, Molecule 01, Layton, Santa 33, several awesome, Noir De Noir, A * Men Pure Heaven, Picture of a Woman, Chergui, Neroli Portofino.

Such goods come at the highest available price of any other company. The website offers safe and convenient payment, which assures that the same item has been shipped to customers with the same functionality as seen on the website.


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2019 saw the announcement of Aventus Cologne. Olivier Creed is the nose under the scent. Top notes include: mango, green apple, basil, spice, orange mandarin, and black pepper; middle notes include patchouli, sandalwood, and vetiver; foundation notes are musk, styrax, birch, and tonka. The product utilizes the finest and natural ingredients paired with masculine and calming fragrance as a joint effort. It is an ideal gift for those who are bold, confident and straightforward. It is blended especially with sparkling pineapple and various other flowery scents smells.

Moss Breches

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A little shady and sophisticated product, this mysterious fragrance combines fresh wood and warm spicy tones of delicate and warm concentrates of beeswax product. The scent increases with the combination of more ingredients such as Moroccon clary sage, hungarion tarragon, corscican rosemary etc that intensify the ultimate product. It is a hand decanted sample from the collection and originally licensed design of house scents. The true fragrance can be smelled when poured into a sterile vial.

Written by Radhika Agrawal