Michael Kors Spring Show 2020

No one has ever confused Michael Kors for a fatalist, but he trusts in the power of optimism, particularly now, when factionalism is pulling at the heart of America. “It’s the only ammo we have when the world is getting worse,” Kors said. He said, “The perception has made me feel more nationalistic, more open.” On the new set, that touched off. As ever, Kors explored American sportswear, offering it a slant of the ’40s since it was the last period the nation felt unified. “The environment was in chaos, and the Americans had their sleeves rolled up and got to work.”
Women truly rolled up their sleeves in the 1940s-they were powerful, they were intelligent, and there was enthusiasm. Michael needed something that brought that feeling of possibility and lightness. Just by taking a look at the collection, and redefining, all the great things are the foundation of American sportswear. All about hopefulness and the strength of beauty to help you feel your true self is my spring 2020 line.

1. Bagging Rights

Written by Radhika Agrawal