Getpivo Review

I’ve often gone to considerable lengths to catch myself with hands-free pictures, balancing boxes on board of books on top of shelves, placing timers, and even right-angling my camera. It’s out of the issue to ask somebody for help, since I think I’m picturesque until another individual is in room. Then I cannot even smile unexpectedly without appearing like I’m in agony.

Yet a little gadget named the Pivo Pod has all changed — my personality-photographed visions have come true.

The Pivo Pod is a lightweight, portable and curved gadget that can turn 360 degrees. You install your mobile on it, so you can catch fun images or videos through a range of imaginative ways, and get the little computer to do all the hard work. It takes the conjecture out of the pacing, framing and even placement of your images, and what you just need to do is act. For a spinning little ball, it’s a little pricy at $159, but if you’re a budding TikTok or YouTube celebrity, it’s a huge aid if you’re travelling solo — or if you simply can’t get someone else in the house to see your antics.

Strike a Pose


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The Pivo Pod is about three inches wide with a mount mounted to the rim. The brace grips your phone in portrait or landscape orientation, and rests on a 360-degree spinning disk. There’s a degree to keep your phone keeping clear, too. Also included is a remote which you can use to trigger the sensor on your camera, turn between modes or change the mount location.

There are multiple variants: the Pivo Pod, and the Silver Pivo Pod. The latter has better auto-tracking which can spin as quickly twice as normal, although it is a special edition and not the one I’ve checked.

Happily, setting up and leaving is all pretty easy. The Pivo software (iOS , Android) will be required, and it uses Bluetooth to link the Pod to the computer. The app takes you through shooting mode, so it is easy to have a fast refresher if you weren’t listening closely the first time around.

Now there are 12 recording styles including standard camera capturing, panorama, and motion timelapse images. The Pivo Pod is here to shine. Any of the modes are features that would normally take you a little bit of time and energy, but you don’t have to think about much other than drawing a fun pose.

Among my top picks are Many Me, where it takes numerous images of you and incisions them into one clip, and Double Take, a video function which uncovers a wonderful way of showing off makeup or outfit. There is also Versus, another video feature that captures, rotates, and then captures another video (up to five times) anytime you decide to view a new outfit or transfer the picture back and forth to a buddy.

An adaptive face monitoring feature is even better, which does a reasonably decent job of watching my profile. And you don’t even have to use the remote control to continue recording and stop it. A unique Smart Capture feature requires you to click your fingers, raise your hands, or tell cheese, and the Pivo can launch a timer before the catch begins.

All of this relies on the output of your Smartphone designed camera, but if you have a mid – priced or high-end handset from the past two or three years, the standard for YouTube , Instagram or TikTok will be more than adequate. Plus, attachments may also be used for a more exclusive feel, including adding Moment handheld camera lenses to provide a larger field of view.

Much of the Pivo’s modes are simple to use, only a few tries may take you to comprehend just how the mode operates in order to get the great picture. And the mechanisms themselves are configurable, allowing you to adjust setup for factors like width of capture, quantity of photos or videos captured and how many degrees the Pod rotates. You might need to m definitely-activate the trigger between the frames, and you can chill as much as you need between those frames for modes like Double Take.

For New Content Creators

The Pivo Pod is an easy way to get going if you decide to invest your time in quarantine creating social networking posts to the likes of Instagram or TikTok instead of only viewing them. It always lasts for a while — a few certain 10 hours on a single time charge, which allows me plenty of room to snap all the data I need. It is a shame, though, that it uses the older MicroUSB port to charge, rather than the more universal USB-C.

You only have the charging cord and remote in the package, but there are a number of other gadgets that you may put on, such as sets including a camera, an action set, and a lightboxed portable video lab. You may place tiny items on the Pod for some adworthy video clips, and make them rotate in place. You may still use a tripod you could currently have because it has a 1/4 loop at the bottom of the Pod.

All Packs are Available for both Pod Red and Pod Silver

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The Pod won’t make you a director or a camera whiz, so if you’re contemplating a future on YouTube, you certainly can learn how to create videos on your own despite the help of a computer. This does not blast you into social networking fame rooms, either. So it takes out the roadblocks of not learning how to format or how to operate more advanced cameras for those just starting out, and lets you leap straight into making material. It’s been extremely fun for someone who has only six fans, with little to show.

Written by Radhika Agrawal