Ekster Review

About the Company

Ekster allows a detailed set of elevated-quality wallets with a few unique form influences in it. The Ekster flagship pocket, the Parliament is a license holder combined with a conventional bifold. It contains a mechanical mechanism that moves out your credit/debit / ID cards in a spaced pattern around the edge of the purse. The app makes it a pleasure to catch the card you want and every time you open on the button to use it, it is really enjoyable and pleasant. Ekster also produces a skinnier leather-covered cardholder with the function for quick access, and also a limited leather cardholder.

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Minimalistic wallet:

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The Parliament Wallet of Ekster is a two-fold system with a maximum storage figure in a compact shape. And it is coated in a variety of colors in top quality Dutch / German leather (my review device is standard brown). When folded, covering 0.4 x 4.1 x 2.5 inches, this has a slightly smaller size than my regular minimalist pocket, and is around half the size. Notwithstanding this compact scale, it sticks to 10 cards. Many are held in conventional slots. However the key to the potential of this wallet is a heavy-shelled space, into that you can add a few more cards (among four and six relying on whether they are engraved). They vanish inside and are tightly held — I’ve tried but couldn’t break them off.

Bluetooth tracking wallet:

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One can even consider making Parliament wiser. Ekster provides a Tracker Card that includes the monitoring tech Chipolo Bluetooth. It’s $49 individually, but $29 when you buy a wallet, if you connect it. And the $29 certainly pays off.

This card includes a Bluetooth beacon regarding the actual size of a credit card (but twice as dense) that utilizes BLE 4.0 with a reach of up to 200 feet. There’s a perfectly shaped pouch in Parliament to retain the card, enabling you to place your purse (or its last recognized area) and have it issued a high pitched alert until you can spot it. If you enable location monitoring, through the Chipolo app, it can use crowd area to assist find an actual lost wallet.

Voice Control wallet:

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Ekster 3.0 is indeed a voice-controlled smart wallet, owing to the Chipolo finder card once more. The card is congruent with the Amazon’s Alexa server and Google Assistant. Attaching the Ekster 3.0 to Amazon Alexa is pretty easy, but you’ll have to pursue a detailed process on the Google Assistant Action to attach it to Google Assistant. You should follow the directions on the authorized Ekster website. The Tracking Card embraces Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri voice control, bringing this entire “smart” thing to another stage. I put Siri to the test. Just insert a preset so you can request Siri to dial your wallet, rather than pressing a button on the smartphone.

Payment and delivery Options

Ekster ® offers shipments at no charge. All import taxes are at the client’s cost. The customer shall be liable for the duties, fees and charges that apply in their area or country. We consider our quality management very carefully but a manufacturing problem can rarely occur. We are glad to help you with a trade for your company in this situation! Please note: Except the there would be no exchanges for the unusual factory defects.

Your order should be on its way to you within 2 business days. Delivery times will vary based on the service you selected and your chosen destination. This highly depends on the region where you reside and typical delivery times. For example- for United States it takes 2 – 5 business days whereas for rest of World it may take around 10 – 15 business days.

Why should you buy?

Materials, and developed quality

Ekster uses luxury full-grain animal leather in all its wallets. The firm also employs a two-tone polish on its leathers “making them a unique look and texture that will last as the wallet loosens twists and shapes the manner it is used, be it in pocket, purse or side.”

The focus to detailing and excellent quality and craftsmanship was instantly evident from the very first time they grab the wallets. Besides the Parliament wallets and Senate cardholders’ immediate-access system, it utilizes a sophisticated mechanical activation to push the cards up (no batteries). As for how it holds up to 6 cards safe against falling out, on interior edge of that has a rubber strip creates a snug fit.

In addition to a 14-day return policy, Ekster provides a one-year guarantee on its goods with a free replacement or 60-day reimbursement period with cash back. The combination with Chipolo tracker cards is a very insightful addition to make its wallets wise. But taking it a step forward, recharging the Ekster / Chipolo monitoring cards via solar. It’s approximately two cards wide and can slip into any card slot.

Written by Radhika Agrawal