Dagsmejan Review: The Most Comfortable Sleepwear

About The Company Dagsmejan 

We will actually sleep our own way to being happier, cleaner, wiser and quicker. Sleep is among the most important strategies for a brighter world. Sleep is essential for our wellbeing and the appropriate temperature is the key for our sleep.

Dagsmejan is clinically proven to improve sleep satisfaction with an ultra soft touch along with special humid-wicking and temperature control properties. Dagsmejan is one of the Swedish words which correspond to the later days of winter season when, even when the level is still below freezing, the heat of the sun sheds the snow.

After a bitterly cold period, it is the moment that nature wakes up. The force of nature and force was our motivation for using the new technologies and all natural materials to create a high-performance nightwear collection to offer you the perfect sleeping experience.

Come back with Dagsmejan as renewed as on the initial day of spring. Dagsmejan worked at making pyjamas, investing many years studying nighttime temperatures, sweat cycles, sleep positions and gestures.

Best Selling Products

1. Women’s Dresses

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We feel revived and stimulated after a decent night’s sleep, eager to make the best of – day. In super-light, humid-wicking and stretchy pyjamas, Dagsmejan blends the best organic fibres with the newest textile technologies to ensure you achieve the best sleeping temperature all the night. With temperature-regulated maternity wear, breathable comfort with merino maternity dresses, sleek, comfortable soothing dresses, and soothing and relaxing with ultra-fine merino wool sleepwear, one will never be either hot or cold.

2. Men’s Pyjamas

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Dagsmejan pyjamas are intended to help control the temperature in order to hold you asleep so that you sleep well in the end. If you look carefully, an upside-down triangular design on the shirt can be seen. It’s really subtle, but certain interest is added. For these pyjamas, there are no labels, so you wouldn’t notice any discomfort. It’s much smoother than hemp, it looks more robust than linen, and it even spreads.

Why You Should Buy From This Brand

Dagmejan’s sleepwear, wonderfully smooth on the body, is crafted from Nattwell cotton, manufactured from MicroModal pure fibre. All Dagsmejan sleepwear, harvested from beech type wood and improved by innovative Edelweiss engineering, has four special characteristics, in the form of excellent breathability, humidification, a superior fit and a beautifully relaxed feeling. So lightweight, compact and comfortable, their sleepwear will blend with the utmost flexibility into a weekend-type pack, and will not actually take valuable space.

Instead they have merged elegance with imagination, convenience with technology, leveraging a wide variety of sleep experts, clothing engineers, and research and development collaborators to create a product that would theoretically transform our understanding of sleepwear forever.

What sets Dagsmejan different, though is their strong commitment to help us better our sleep, and their ability to release with their customers the thorough yet intuitive findings of their comprehensive study.

1. Most comfortable wear

We feel renewed and invigorated after a decent night’s sleep, eager to make the best of – day. In the feathered-light, absorbent and super comfortable sleepwear, Dagsmejan blends the greatest organic fibres with the newest textile innovation that will bring you the most seamless night warmth ever.

2. Grown in natural Ecosystem 

To insure that you achieve the optimum temperature for your sleep, pair the richest natural fibres combined with the new textile technology. Our sets, created and developed in Switzerland in partnership with sleep specialists and institutions, are designed to enhance the quality of your sleep and meet your unique physiological sleeping patterns.

3. Helps your psychological needs

The greatest pure fibres are utilized for each set to help your warmth and quality of sleep during the night. To ensure you enjoy the utmost sleep convenience, we only utilize the best, organic and high-technological natural fibres. Only the best raw yarn woven in a safe and ethical manner is used at Dagsmejan.

More Products From Dagsmejan 

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Payment And Delivery

You have to include the Swiss shop for delivery to Switzerland and you have to use the particular German store, the foreign store moves everywhere else for shipments to Germany. For the correct country range will be displayed the right type of price and exchange.

It is fast and secure to order from the Dagsmejan online store. With the “Add to cart” key, you will easily add the items you are intrigued by the shopping cart, and glance at the contents of your basket before jumping to make a final decision about what you wish to purchase.

After putting in your request, you will obtain a printable order receipt via e-mail. That could take a couple of minutes. Check the junk mail as well, please.

Just like every other currency, coupons may be used. When asked, insert them at the point of checkout; submit the voucher information and you’re completed!


Dagsmejan is the new kind of sleepwear product that during the night maintains your perfect body temperature at optimum, so you can rest soundly and wakes up refreshed and ready to go. No more freezing chills or excessive heat, just the perfect temperature ideal for great sleep.

Sophisticated knitting methods and technologies then finished the process after intensive study and analysis of over 100 distinct fibers and fiber blends in the hope to find the perfect sleep thread, and the Dagsmejan range of sleepwear collection came to life.

Written by Radhika Agrawal