7 Best Hair Extension Brands of 2021

The lockdown has pretty much left us all so lazy and depressed that we hardly try to wake up and design things. Owing to celebrities who have dominated the field of artificial hair over the last few years (look at you, the whole Kardashian-Jenner community, and around 99 percent of celebrities over general), hair extensions has been the latest celebrity hair style that really appears to be achievable — even if you don’t have a squad of qualified hairstylists on standby for support. And this is where I am going in.

Consider me the hairy-dressing fairy? —godmother, your mentor extensions, or just your pal (aw): I’ve developed the definitive guide to the greatest hair extensions of all time, and you can actually have your dreams’ butt-length/baby bangs/curly shag/ponytail-whipping hair!

Continue reading to find a rundown on each hair extension form (such as clip-ins, tape-ins, I-tips, and more), which hair brand is better for you, and how much looking very (very) nice would really cost you.

Why are extensions required to a human hair? These are made of actual human fur, harvested from the scalp of a collector.

What are hundred percent virgin hairs? Virgin hair unprocessed, coloured, or handled. It is the purest type of extensions to the scalp.

How are alternatives to fake hair? Organic hair is constructed of organic mixed materials and contains no real fur. Synthetic hairs are also made from a plastic fine fibre that imitates real hair.

What are the variations of the clip-in? Clip-in extensions are temporary pre-clipped bits of hair that you add across the head while also using the natural hair to produce a fuller appearance. Here’s a helpful reference to clip-in hair extensions.

What are Extensions sew-in? It is called Modern welding. Around the whole head, hair is braided securely into cornrows, and extensions are added using a needle and thread.

Where are the lengths to bring in? Tape-in hair extensions process requires pressing any hair weft into your own scalp. Using tape the hair is pinched between the wefts.

What are the attachments to screw in? Glue extensions are fastened with keratin bonds on the hair and fused with hot tools.

1. Hidden Crown:

Hidden crowns imitate actual, born-with-it hair the best out of all of the hair extensions I’ve ever seen, seen, or worn. We sell mainly 100% REMY human hair (meaning the cuticles are intact and all facing the same direction) but also some high-quality synthetic hair (a kind of unusual, TBH).

And actually, you can’t go wrong for any hair you want, which is nice because they have lots of options: clip-ins (long layers, bangs, and ponytails), sew-ins, tape-ins, keratin-tip extensions, and I-tip extensions, all at different styles, densities (so you don’t pull off your hair), and colours.

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The details:

I say, if these hair extensions are great enough on her wedding day for everybody’s favourite Grey’s Anatomy star Camilla Luddington, they’re definitely good enough for everyone, right? Secret Crown extensions are celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan’s pick, and with good reason: their crown extensions are simply sorcery.

The hair is tied to a transparent wire that wraps softly like a halo across your hairline and is then covered up with a top layer of your own hair to conceal everything. The Outcome? The Fuller makeup without clips or film, for a fuller feel, will lift up the look.

What to try

Yeah, definitely the Secret Crown Halo Extensions. Prices vary from $199 to $449, based on the duration you choose, and the 100 % real REMY hair in 28 shades (including highlights) is affordable.

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2. Just Extensions

The company and salon located in L.A. sell 100 percent pure Indian REMY hair (it’s a mouthful but a nice one) in textures such as wavy, curly, coily and smooth, from lace wigs and frontals to I-tips and clip-ins, in nearly any style. It’s a ton so you should feel confident about your purchase irrespective of the form you choose.

Just Extensions are one of the first companies to actually dive into the unregulated synthetic hair industry (the maker, Riqua Hailes, also created a documentary about it) and follow the same ethical values with the hair they purchase and offer.

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What to try

Since Just Extensions is experienced in downloading their extensions, booking a plane trip to Los Angeles and having a full package of keratin tips or I-tips that can last you months and months is your best option. Lol. Lol. But use the Water Wave clip-ins as a second-best alternative, which look like pure mermaid hair and start at $200 for 16-inches.

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3. The Hair Shop Inc

Ask a few celebrity hairstylists about their preferred lines of hair extensions and The Beauty Shop is sure to make the list (I say this because I’ve already asked legitimately). Why? Of what? This may have anything to do with the inventor Ryan Tokko being one in the innovators in clip-in extensions back in the ’80s, and you have to believe that the creator of extensions (as I’m going to name him now) understands one or two things about really good fake hair.

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What to try

The Beauty Shop’s Slim Clip-Ins are thin strips of single extensions that you can use to enhance length and fullness on the sides of your head while your hair is down or in a half-up ponytail or when you loop them in the back to bulk up a braid. They cost $41, come in 14, 18, and 22 “lengths and are offered in 30 separate colours. We are essentially at-home training wheels for home extensions.

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4. Glam seamless:

Umm, Khloé Kardashian’s worn those extensions, Ashley Graham’s worn those extensions, your mom’s definitely worn those extensions — I guess, that’s practically what you need to learn, right? Although Glam Seamless sells clip-ins, halos, wigs, and wefts, they are kind of the supreme leader of tape-in extensions (wearing both Khloé and Ashley).

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What to try

No surprises here, but most certainly, you can seek the tape-ins. They come in lengths of 12 inches to 24 inches and have 10 + specific hue styles (including highlights, balayage, and pastels), based on the style you select (highlights vs. full wefts vs. wavy, etc.). Seek the Sexy Smooth REMY Tape-Ins that comes with 20 $130 tape-wefts.

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5. True Indian Hair:

WWTD, right, amirite? And obviously, Taraji does extensions of True Indian Hair (along with Rihanna and Serena Williams), and then we can all believe True Indian Hair. The company based in New York City uses 100 per cent unprocessed human hair which, according to the brand, is “directly collected from donors in East Indian Temples and Brazil.”

Fortunately, in order to get them you don’t have to go too far — you can order simple, wavy and curly sets, silk and lace top closures, ponytails clip-in and more.

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What to try

Truly, spring for the True Signature wefts and, if you don’t happen to be in NYC, your own hairstylist will sew into. Or if that seems like a lot of trouble, go with the EZ Clipz, which are super-easy clip-ins that range from $180 to $300 and come in lengths from 14 inches to 26 inches, if you couldn’t tell from the brand.

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6. Klaiyi Hair 

Founded in 2009 (Building 2, Xuchang Electronics Industrial Park, Furong Road), Klaiyi is a Remy hair firm with headquarters in China. In 2015, they opened a warehouse in California, USA. All Klaiyi goods made with 100 percent human Remy hair are recognised as meeting international quality standards. Their goal is to provide women with inexpensive, high-quality Remy hair so they can feel confidently gorgeous.

They have made it their mission to combat the idea that expensive goods must also be of expensive quality. They offer 100% virgin human hair that is fully natural and of the finest quality. They have a winning team of hair experts and stylists, and they have more than 10 years of business expertise. They want to give you regular access to a wide range of distinctive virgin hair products that are functional and have a long shelf life.

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What to try

100% human hair units are Klaiyi Hair’s area of expertise, and they may be easily altered. Although the company’s primary product seems to be wigs, it also sells other items like weaves.

The brand offers wigs in at least six different hair textures and five different colour options. They provide lace fronts and pieces in a variety of sizes. The business also sells headband wigs, which are a very popular trend.

Klaiyi offers virgin and Remy hair for weaves. They also provide package discounts, which are an excellent way to both save money and finish a look. Their colored units are also well-liked purchases.

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7. LuvMe Hair

Women all around the world yearn for hair that is of the greatest calibre and lasts for a very long time. They desire an easy and trouble-free experience when buying hair online. The goal of Luvme Hair, the leading hair company, is to provide clients all over the world with excellent products and services. Research and development of distinctive, premium human hair are priorities for Luvme Hair, and the company makes sure that its products can last for many years. The Co-Founders Helena and Beryl explored countless solutions to issues along this process before their perseverance paid off and they discovered the greatest materials and cutting-edge technologies to give you the best and most fashionable virgin hair.

What to Try

In addition to offering hair products of the best calibre available in the market, Luvme Hair also promises courteous, knowledgeable, and professional customer service.
Although they specialise in wigs, Luvme Hair has a lot more to offer. The shop offers a wide variety of wig styles in addition to bundles, closures, and practical accessories to facilitate installation. Find everything you need in one location to complete your look.

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Written by Radhika Agrawal